Hard Sweets

23 delicious varieties of Hard sweets to choose from. Includes some all time favouries like Humbugs and Pear Drops.

We can supply any quantities and in a variety of pack weights.

Hard Sweets
Midget Gems
Soft Centre Fruit Drops
Peanut Crunch
Chocolate Caramels
Rhubarb & Custard
Kola Cubes
American Hard Gums
Rosy Apples
Winter Mixture
Sherbet Lemons
Aniseed Twist
Fruit Drops
Pear Drops
Soft Centre Humbugs
Mint Imperials
Barley Sugar
Pearl Drops
Chocolate Eclairs
Assorted Toffee
Everton Mints
Cough Candy
Blackberries & Raspberries

& Wholesalers
of Bombay Mix,
Peanuts, Sweets
& Savoury Snacks

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Packaging styles to suit any requirements
Packaging styles to suit any requirements. View Range >>