Nut Ranges

Always in demand, our nut ranges can be supplied in a wide variety of pack sizes to suit your needs. See our Packaging page for more information.

Nutrition Information: On request.

Suitable for VegetariansHalal - No Animal Fat Used

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Roasted and Salted Peanuts

PeanutsRoasted Peanuts

Delicious selection professionally packed for extra freshness.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Rapeseed Oil and Salt.

Monkey Nuts

Monkey NutsMonkey Nuts

Ingredients: Roasted peanuts in their shell.


Cashew nutsCashews

Chosen carefully for their quality, our selection of cashews are increasingly popular.

Ingredients: Cashews, Vegetable Oil and Salt.

Raw Almonds


Finest Californian almonds, a delightful snack or ingredient in many recipes.

Ingredients: Raw almonds.



Our selection of Iranian Pistachios are prepared on-site with the highest levels of quality control to ensure our range is constantly the finest available. Available roasted & salted or raw.

Ingredients: Pistachio Nuts (and Salt).

Brazil Nuts

Brazil NutsBrazil Nuts

Ingredients: Brazil Nuts.



Ingredients: Walnuts.

Pine Kernels

Pine KernelsPine Kernels

Delicious healthy snack and perfect accompaniment in many dishes and salads.

Ingredients: Pine Nut Kernels.

Rice Crackers

Rice CrackersRice Crackers

A traditional chinese cracker mix.

Ingredients: Rice, soya sauce, peanuts, sugar, wheat flour, starch, dried seaweed, dextrin sesame seeds, paprika, chilli curry, natural colouring E160 & E150 paper..


Various pack sizes available.

Ingredients: Hazelnuts.

Corn Nuts

Sesame Peanuts

Pistachio Kernels

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Packaging styles to suit any requirements
Packaging styles to suit any requirements. View Range >>